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We Are a Nation in Decline

The events of August 8th, 2022, surrounding Mar-a-Lago and President Trump, perpetrated by the long discredited and classless Federal Bureau of Investigation, should receive universal condemnation.

These are nothing more than Stalinist show trials by an illegitimate regime who feels their power slipping through their fingers. The weaponization of government agencies, whom they instruct to attack and target political adversaries is appalling, yet, not shocking.

President Kennedy said something roughly 60 years ago that only rings more necessary today, especially in light of last night’s action - “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition spent the morning calling our federal delegation and demanding they stand up against this federal gestapo. Make no qualms about it; the deep state is alive and well. They aren’t just coming after Trump - they’re coming for you (see the weaponization of the IRS).

We’ve seen malpractice and malfeasance from the FBI over and over again. It’s far past time for a complete overhaul of our federal agencies, abolishing many of them, just as Kennedy alluded to. There is no stopping them otherwise; there’s no depth too low they’ll stoop to (see Ruby Ridge).

Last night's raid on the private home of President Trump proves this as such.

We call on EVERY elected GOP representative to denounce the unprecedented raid against a former President. The fight is here. The time is now. If you aren’t actively fighting back, all Nebraskans and all Americans can deduce you are merely complicit in the totalitarianism regime's agenda the FBI is carrying out. You are working against the American people, you are unfit to hold office, and we will do everything we can to vote you out in the next election.


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