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NFC x Nebraska Public Media Group (04.06.23)

Today, our Republic is on life-support. From the national political persecution of President Trump by an illegitimate Administration hell bent on taking out their political rival, to radical, local political activists masquerading as elected officials and professionals intent on silencing any group or individual who dare push back against or criticize their agenda, our “Republic” would not be recognized by our Founding Fathers today.

On March 31, 2023 the Nebraska Freedom Coalition was met with demands to detract allegedly (but not actually) defamatory statements against State Senator Hunt.

On June 28, 2023 the Nebraska Freedom Coalition was met with a defamation suit from the Senator (Plaintiff), represented by failed-County Attorney candidate, Adam Morfeld, and his political “Non-Profit”, The Nebraska Legal Action Fund.

On July 10, 2024 the Nebraska Freedom Coalition’s legal team filed a Motion to Dismiss with the district court.

On July 28, 2024 the Nebraska Freedom Coalition served the Plaintiff with our discovery.

On August 11, 2024 the first court hearing for the Motion to Dismiss will be heard.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition has not once cowered or faltered in the face of political persecution, and we aren’t going to start now.

Free speech is not just a right – it is the lifeblood of a thriving democratic system. It empowers individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs openly, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives can coexist and flourish. In a society that values free speech, people have the freedom to challenge the status quo, hold those in power accountable, and advocate for change without fear of reprisal. It is easy to support the right to free expression when it aligns with our beliefs, but a strong and principled system stands firmly opposed to political persecution, even of those with differing views.

Today, as we gear up for the week ahead, we are reminded to let the principles of transparency and accountability serve as guiding beacons, and bringing all in the #DarktoLight. We invite you to listen to our interview with Nebraska Public Media Group’s, William Padmore, and Director for the Nebraska Freedom Coalition, Malia Shirley.

This is perhaps the most in-depth, well versed interview that we have done detailing just exactly who we are and what we’re about at the NFC. Some may love it and find it enlightening, others may hate it and find it unsettling. Either way, you can be rest assured it’s the truth – accepted or not.

Transparency in politics means shedding light on the actions, decisions, and processes that shape our governance. It demands openness, accessibility, and the provision of information to the public. When political leaders embrace transparency, they invite scrutiny, inviting citizens to hold them accountable for their actions.

Accountability ensures that those in power are answerable for their choices and their impact on the public. It means accepting responsibility for decisions and being willing to face consequences when actions do not align with the interests of the We the People. Accountability empowers citizens to demand transparency and expect honesty and integrity from their elected representatives.

By championing transparency and accountability, we transform the political landscape into a realm where the people are informed, engaged, and empowered. Transparency ensures that decisions are made in the public interest, not behind closed doors or hidden from view. It helps prevent corruption, instills public confidence, and curtails abuses of power.

On this journey, citizens play a crucial role in demanding transparency, holding leaders accountable, and actively participating in the democratic process. We invite you to be engaged, informed, and active in the political process. For ways to get involved, sign up for our email list at

If you would like to support our legal efforts as we champion free speech against Nebraska’s Marxists’, you can do so at the link here: We are so grateful for each and every donation and measure of support from Nebraskans across this state. We couldn’t do it without you.

The Salvation of State is Watchfulness in the Citizen


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