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Major Account & Influencers on X Should Consider Amicus Brief in Support of X Corp:

Major account and influencers on X should consider submitting an amicus brief in support of X Corp for several reasons:

1. Financial Impact: Influencers who earn revenue through Twitter advertising might be directly affected by actions that disrupt the platform's advertising ecosystem.

2. Platform Integrity: Influencers have a vested interest in maintaining a trustworthy and stable platform, as their personal brands and outreach depend on it.

3. Community Representation: Influencers can represent the concerns and interests of a broader community of social media users affected by such disputes.

4. Advocacy for Free Speech and Fair Business Practices: The case might involve issues central to the principles of free speech and fair business practices on social media, which are critical to influencers.

Download the full PDF file to read the entire 15 page document:

Download PDF • 267KB


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