Freedom First. Always.

We are The Nebraska Freedom Coalition.

A Political Action Committee (PAC) organized for the purposes of

coordinating and championing Nebraska's Liberty-grassroots organizations;

to elect strong, liberty-minded conservative candidates; and to support initiatives which hold those in power accountable to WE THE PEOPLE of Nebraska.


About Us

Organize. Mobilize. Win.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition (NFC) is a collective of political leaders who believe in freedom and liberty for the people of Nebraska. We are the voice of citizens who want bold action to protect life, strengthen families, defend our constitutional rights, limit government, and revitalize personal and economic freedoms in the great state of Nebraska.


The NFC is the central hub for over a dozen affiliated conservative grassroots activism organizations throughout the state who share the common goal of government accountability and terminating intrusion of government in our lives, land, and liberty. 


The collective serves to elect and support candidates that espouse Nebraska First, Founding Principles, and Liberty-based platforms at all levels of government from City Councils to Boards of Supervisors and School Boards to the State Legislature.


Together we will organize, mobilize, and win.


Join us and tell us your story!

Join the Fight!


Anyone who cares about improving the State of Nebraska is encouraged to join the Nebraska Freedom Coalition as an Associate Member. As a member of the Freedom Caucus, we will keep you up-to-date on how you can help us defend our freedoms and liberty. Together we can Make The ‘Good Life’ Greater! Associate members are also given the opportunity to get involved by emailing legislators, making phone calls, and participating in other activities.


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Elected Official
Full membership in the Nebraska Freedom Coalition is open to any current elected official in the State of Nebraska. Local and State elected individuals are encouraged to join the Freedom Coalition. As a member of the coalition elected officials will be given the opportunity to learn about issues, discuss issues and become a part of moving our state in the direction of freedom and liberty.


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Our Goal

To spark a new Nebraska Renaissance.

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