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Politics, Power, & Pete Ricketts

Following Senator Sasse's resignation announcement, Governor Ricketts’ name is being floated as the likely appointment.

Monarchies and dictatorships are run like this and we hope that Nebraska doesn't follow suit.

Please send a message to the Ricketts Regime, which includes Jim Pillen & Co., that although Nebraskans appreciate his conservative governorship, he should not appoint himself nor have his hand-picked successor appoint him either.


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Steve Smith
Steve Smith
08 de out. de 2022

Sasse should be in jail awaiting a war crimes prosecution followed by a treason prosecution, Sasse was recruited by Clinton henchman Jamie Gorelick to her Torture oversight committee (illegal under US law and international law) Jamie Gorelick was exposed as an agent of Iran in 2010 by our clown show USDOJ then they covered it up in 2015

Gorelick was on the SLB board 2002-2010 Sasse knew that and didn't mention it to the USDOJ who conveniently didn't notice JG was also Jeffery Epsteins boss and was on 25 pages of Epstein flight logs here's an interesting page note the Feb 9 2002 entry

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