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NFC Statement Regarding NEGOP SCC Meeting in Norfolk

Conservative voters represent such a large populace of the great state of Nebraska.

All voters deserve to know how party "leaders" actually operate. It's long overdue in bringing this information to light. This has plagued the republican state party for a long time, many have come to recognize this and even become disenfranchised, and the Nebraska Freedom Coalition has the guts to formulate these facts in a way for voters to easily familiarize themselves with this information. Our findings are substantiated by the words and actions of those at the top of the state party. This theater they put on takes away from proper representation for We The People.

At an SCC meeting in Norfolk earlier this month, Chairman Dan Welch said, "Send me over the evidence. Show me what we're doing that is favoring one candidate over another." "I have yet to have anyone produce anything that this party leadership is taking sides in these races. And the reason that nobody can do it is cuz it's not happening."

Here's your evidence, Dan.

If by unity in the party you meant that you wanted an egg on your face too, that's a rather interesting approach. We'll take our egg over medium with bacon on a plate. Grazie


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