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NFC Calls Upon UNL Board of Regent Jim Pillen to Denounce Critical Race Theory

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition and the Nebraska Federation of Republican Women call on University of Nebraska Regent and Gubernatorial Candidate, Jim Pillen, to propose a resolution denouncing the teaching of Critical Race Theory in university required curriculum, trainings, and influence of policy and procedures at the University of Nebraska Board of Regents meeting on Friday, June 25, 2021.

Critical Race Theory is an offshoot of Critical Theory that originates from the Frankfurt School, a group of 20th century Marxists associated with the Institute for Social Research. It is Marxist in nature and completely antithetical to promoting an inclusive and honest environment on campus. It is divisive and has no place in a university system that is supposed to be committed to fostering independent thought and critical thinking. So long as these institutions are receiving public tax dollars, these institutions should not use such tax dollars to teach Anti-American philosophy.

As a Regent and Republican Gubernatorial candidate, this is a prime opportunity for Jim Pillen to take a firm stand against the attempted indoctrination of students on college campuses across the state, and show his commitment to fighting for all Nebraskans - regardless of race, religion, or political ideology. Governor Ricketts has already taken a stand against Critical Race Theory here in Nebraska, and we encourage all other Gubernatorial candidates and University of Nebraska Regents to follow suit.

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