Election Integrity and Arizona Audit

Arizona is currently in the process of conducting an audit of their votes cast in the 2020 Election.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Alaska, Utah, Virginia, Michigan, and Missouri have

all sent legislative members to Arizona to observe the audit process and discuss ways to

alleviate one of the most pressing issues facing our country -- election integrity.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition (NFC) calls on Secretary of State, Bob Evnen, to work with

the Nebraska legislature; and to send a team to Arizona to observe the audit process and

determine if it could be utilized to improve and secure elections in the state of Nebraska.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is a rapidly growing organization that serves as a centralized

hub for other grassroots organizations across the state of Nebraska; roughly a dozen

organizations are already affiliated with the NFC. Our mission is to elect and support candidates

that espouse Nebraska First, Founding Principles, and Liberty based platforms at all levels of

government, especially local.