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Adam Morfeld Unfit to Lead

This morning, news broke that a sexual assault allegation against Adam Morfeld, candidate for Lancaster County Attorney, is under review by the Lincoln Police Department. This was a shocking revelation to many given the gravity of the incident, though it sadly came as no surprise to us. Our network has long been aware of similar stories to this involving Senator Morfeld, especially as it pertains to his time in the legislature. We further corroborated this information with a local journalist who had heard of similar accounts. It is time to finally address this issue once and for all.

The conflict of interest, specifically Morfeld running for County Attorney, makes this extremely sensitive. As Adam Morfeld continues to make bold claims that he will be a champion to sexual assault victims, it must be noted that he has continually voted for lesser sentences as a State Senator for these types of crimes (LB 630 & 289).

As seen with numerous other high profile sexual assault allegations, we are told to believe all women. Should Adam not be encouraged to resign as was the case with Kavanaugh, Trump, Herbster, etc.? Does that not apply if the candidate happens to be a Democrat? Adam likes to assume guilt before the facts come out pertaining to other cases and accused individuals, however, we still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. If a police report has been filed, it needs to be brought to light for the sake of voter transparency. Voters deserve to know the truth.

Crime reports don’t necessarily mean a guilty verdict, but voters need voters need to know why a charge was filed. Was it because he has been on TV talking about fighting for sex assault victims, and maybe it rubbed this victim the wrong way? Voters deserve to know if:

1. Is the police report real?

2. Why is the report being suppressed?

3. Is there a current investigation underway?

Morfeld is running on transparency in the office — it would be most transparent to let voters know what kind of person they are voting for when they go to the polls on Tuesday.



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