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Secretary of State, Bob Evnen, Angered that State Party Leadership Follows Constitution

Friends of the Nebraska Freedom Coalition informed us today that Secretary of State, Bob Evnen, made an absolute fool of himself at the Omaha Pachyderm luncheon. Secretary Evnen is on record for criticizing the Party for following through with their constitutionally required legislative plan, which is due September 1st. Make no mistake, this plan was approved by the Executive Committee and then voted on by the State Central Committee. Secretary Evnen continued by saying that the “New Party” doesn't look like they are interested in electing Republicans.

This couldn’t be more disingenuous. Bob demonstrates the same disregard for the State constitution that he does the Nebraska Republican Party constitution. Where are you, Bob? Section 32-202 states the responsibility of the Secretary of State: “to supervise primary elections in this state.”

Maybe if Bob Evnen followed his constitutional duty, Republicans would win more of those closely contested elections. Maybe Secretary Evnen should be helping down ballot candidates. He has no opponent heading into the general, yet has still outsourced the supervision of our elections to a third party.

We know that the NEGOP will do a far better job of helping Republicans, both up and down the ballot, win elections than the Lesser Bob ever has.

Stop admonishing other Republicans for following through with their constitutional duties and follow through with yours, Bob. Maybe then you could garner more than 43% of the statewide vote from Republicans.

We’re glad the legislative plan includes election security. Maybe if Secretary Evnen stopped for a moment worrying about his title and tiara, he’d realize Republicans feel the same way. We appreciate NEGOP leadership, the business that was successfully conducted this past weekend, and know that numerous active members of the State Party feel the same.



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