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Not So Fast, Lil Ben Sasse

Yesterday, the Nebraska Freedom Coalition’s research went viral. As has been widely reported, FTX founder Sam Bankfman-Fried has been recognized as the Democratic party’s biggest donor, second only to the nefarious George Soros. Yet what we were able to uncover was the fact that this national scandal had included six RINO’s as well, all of who voted to impeach President Trump. Although ‘mundane’ Mitt Romney was on this list, to no one’s surprise, our eyes quickly turned to our very own junior Senator from the state of Nebraska - Ben Sasse.

FTX (now completely bankrupt) was, without question, a money laundering scheme. We realize that money laundering and insider trading are commonplace for those in Congress (cheers, Nancy!); yet, average, hard-working Americans are fed up with the double standard between the so-called “elites” of the country and the rest of us. Serious questions of impropriety arise.

Tens of billions of US tax dollars have been & continue to be funneled into Ukraine. It’s evident that the money was then funneled back through FTX and eventually donated to political candidates with a very specific agenda. Why would our Senator take money from the Democrats' 2nd largest donor and what is he doing with the money now that the corruption and fraud have been exposed?

We would have loved to have simply said “good riddance” to Ben Sasse once and for all, but the pompous lil’ guy insists on inserting himself at the center of frequent controversy.

The question now is, what is anybody going to do about this? Local media has been completely silent even after we have extensively reached out to them. Will our other representatives and lawmakers speak up? Should our elected officials not be held to a higher ethical standard? Why does it seem that our public servants routinely undermine public trust and act in ways that are contrary to constituents' best interests?

Americans have had enough! Right here in Nebraska, as was proven true yesterday by our investigative journalism, we are leading the effort for transparency and accountability of all elected officials. Let this serve as a reminder and promise that we will fervently continue to do so.



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