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NFC Calls on NEGOP to Provide Key Items For Transparency At State Convention

On behalf of conservatives and patriots all throughout the state of Nebraska, after fielding numerous concerns from the constituency, the Nebraska Freedom Coalition calls on the NEGOP to provide the following information and insists upon the utmost transparency as it pertains to the State Convention:

What is the Order of Business?

Who's on the Credentials Committee?

Who's on the Resolutions Committee?

Who's on the Rules Committee?

Who's the Parliamentarian?

Who's the Sergeant at Arms?

Why is the cost of registration $175, exorbitantly higher than ever before?

Where is this information? Why has it not been provided? The NEGOP just helped complete 70+ conventions, what preparation challenges would be holding this up?

Moreover, how does a delegate VOLUNTEER for these Committees and are they from the delegates of County's that just had Conventions? Wouldn’t these folks have EXPERIENCE to help make for a smooth convention? Isn't that the goal - to have a smooth business meeting?

Communication from the state party has not fostered much confidence for a majority of the newly engaged delegates throughout the state. In order to truly seek unity, emphasizing engagement and input from all involved, and encouraging teamwork and a positive culture within the party is necessary. The Nebraska Freedom Coalition again calls on the NEGOP for a show of good faith. It’s now been a long time coming.


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