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Midweek Memo May 11, 2023

Abortion Debate is Not Over, Legislative Progress and Holding our Representatives Accountable

As we navigate another eventful week, we wanted to touch base on several developments that are shaping the political landscape in our great state and beyond:

1. LB818 Progress: The advancement of LB818, which provides for transfers of funds and changes and eliminates provisions regarding the sources, uses, and transfers of funds, is a key step towards more transparent and effective budget management. We applaud this move towards fiscal responsibility and will continue to monitor its progress.

2. Child Protection Legislation: The journey of LB574 continues, and we're firmly behind it. This week, Senator Hansen submitted AM1658 for its final reading, and we stand in support. Though it might not be everything we've hoped for, it's a significant step in the right direction. What's more, a newly posted amendment aims to ban abortion after 12 weeks, echoing the advocacy of Senator Riepe. This amendment, woven into LB574, which also seeks to ban gender-affirming surgeries for minors, is likely to stir contentious debate. We welcome it. It's about protecting the vulnerable, be they unborn children or minors, and we're ready to stand our ground for their rights.

3. Trump's CNN Appearance: President Trump's recent appearance on CNN turned heads across the political spectrum. Regardless of personal opinions of Trump, it's undeniable that his segment made the left-leaning media, including Kaitlan Collins, appear out of touch. The DNC, FBI, Leftist Media, and Social Platforms worked hand in glove to tell a different story about Pres. Trump. Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter has only further exposed the extent of bias in our mainstream media and government agencies.

4. School Board Meeting: One of our directors recently spoke at a school board meeting, expressing our support for the decision to remove inappropriate and explicit books from the school library. We firmly believe in age-appropriate content for our children, and we're proud to stand with school boards that uphold these standards. Reach out to your school boards and let them know you are paying attention.

5. This week, we were disappointed to see Omaha Steaks sign a letter opposing LB574. While we don't typically support cancel culture, we've called for a boycott of Omaha Steaks to send a clear message: we won't stand by companies that oppose the protection of our children. But don't worry about your grilling plans - take this as an opportunity to support your local small farms. Trust us, the steaks are even better.

6. Unicameral Oscars: Senators Cavanaugh and Hunt have earned our "Unicameral Oscars" this week for their remarkable performances in the theater of politics. Their portrayals are noted in our recent tweets, providing some much-needed humor amidst the serious work of legislation. "The 2023 Unicameral Oscar is awarded to Sen. Maochaela Cavanaugh for her awe-inspiring portrayal as the 'Queen of the Damned', advocating fiercely for NAMBLA's rights and tirelessly endorsing all-ages drag shows. Introducing ‘The Crying Game’!" “And the 2023 Unicameral Oscar for 'Best Dramatic Performance' goes to... Sen. Megan Hunt! Commendable portrayal of a perpetual victim and welfare beneficiary in the gripping docu-drama 'Stealing Nebraska!' #UnicameralOscars #NebraskaPolitics"

7. Ethics Violation by Senator Hunt: We want to highlight a grave ethics violation by Senator Hunt. Serving as a Board member for the Charles Drew Health Center, she voted YES on AM1596 to LB814, which allocated $10M in taxpayer funds to her organization. Despite this clear conflict of interest, no disclosure forms were filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. We firmly believe in the importance of ethical conduct in public service, and such actions must not go unchecked.

8. Advancement of LB814: We are pleased to report the advancement of LB814, a crucial bill that appropriates funds for the expenses of Nebraska State Government for the biennium ending June 30, 2025, and appropriates Federal Funds allocated to the State of Nebraska pursuant to the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This progress underscores our commitment to responsible fiscal management and ensuring that federal funds are used in a manner that best serves our state's interests.

As always, we encourage you to stay informed and get involved. Our collective voice is a powerful tool for change.




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