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By: 1LT Daniel Bosby, USN, RET

April 12, 2023

Dear Friends of Freedom,

In this week's Freedom's Midweek Memo, we have exciting news to share. Senator Suzanne

Geist has stepped down from her seat in the Unicameral to focus on the Lincoln Mayor's race.

The primary election was intense, with Senator Geist and fellow candidate Stan Parker joining

forces to edge out the "Mad Queen" of Lincoln 50%-49%. This has set the stage for a tight

race in less than a month between Suzanne Geist and Mayor Baird.

As the battle for Lincoln's leadership heats up, we are optimistic about the future of Lincoln

under Senator Geist's guidance. We were pleased to see that Stan Parker has given his full

endorsement to Suzanne Geist, showcasing the unity and collaboration among our

conservative candidates as they work together towards a common goal.

We at NFC would like to express our support for Taylor Wyatt, Tom Duden, and Wayne

Reinwald as candidates for the Lincoln City Council race. Each of these candidates brings

unique experiences, perspectives, and a strong commitment to addressing the most pressing

issues facing the city of Lincoln. With their diverse backgrounds in public service, education,

law enforcement, and business, these three candidates understand the importance of public

safety, housing affordability, infrastructure improvement, and fostering a pro-business

environment. As members of the City Council, they would work collaboratively to set

priorities, negotiate budgets, and make the necessary decisions to ensure Lincoln remains a

safe, prosperous, and inclusive community. We encourage the residents of Lincoln to consider

the qualifications and vision of Taylor Wyatt, Tom Duden, and Wayne Reinwald when casting

their vote in the upcoming election.

We are thrilled to announce our full support for Senator Geist's replacement in the Unicameral,

Senator Bosn. A strong advocate for the principles and values we hold dear, Senator Bosn is

well-prepared to combat the Coven led by Senator Cavanaugh and Hunt. She will be a tireless

champion for the Right to Life, School Choice, and Constitutional Carry, to name just a few of

the essential causes she supports.

As Senator Bosn takes on her new role, she will face challenges from radical Leftists who are

filibustering for a single, disturbing purpose: advocating for transgender mutilation through

surgery and medication. Senator Bosn's strength and unwavering dedication to our shared

values will be essential as she pushes back against this dangerous agenda.

In the Unicameral, two important bills are up for debate this week: LB626, the Heartbeat Act,

and LB574, the Let Them Grow Act. The NFC fully supports both bills, and we are proud to

announce that Senator Bosn has been added as a co-sponsor for LB626. The Heartbeat Act

aims to save the lives of unborn children by prohibiting abortions once a fetal heartbeat is

detected, with exceptions for cases of sexual assault, incest, or medical emergency. The Let

Them Grow Act prohibits gender-altering procedures for individuals under the age of 19,

providing definitions for terminology and allowing civil action against violators.

Stay tuned for more updates in our next edition of Freedom's Midweek Memo. Together, we

will continue to fight for our liberties and protect the values that make our community strong.

In Freedom,

D Boz


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