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Calling All Patriots

In the spirit of commemoration, on this Providential day that marks our nation's rebellion against a tyrannical government; we would like to break from the routine of parades, grilling, and gunpowder, to make an announcement.

Today, as we look across America's political landscape, we witness a radical bifurcation taking place: two tides rising; two groups forming; two fundamentally opposing ideologies struggling for national dominance.

The social engineers operating within the fog of the culture war would have you believe this dissolution is taking place between political parties, along racial divides, or amongst differing economic principles. Although these certainly represent topical flash points, they do not accurately reflect the source of our generation's conflict. In fact, for the Founders of our nation, our modern struggle would look very reminiscent:

It is, and always has been, Liberty versus Tyranny.

It is on this battlefield that we enter: today shall mark the official launch of the Nebraska Freedom Coalition.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition acts as the central command hub; serving any and all liberty and freedom grassroots organizations across the state of Nebraska; who recognize the size and scope of our enemy and the efficacy of unifying and fighting together.

Our mission is simple: to find, train, support, and elect candidates that espouse Nebraska First, Founding Principles, and Liberty based platforms at all levels of government, especially local.

Our strategy is as follows: Organize. Mobilize. Win.

This country, 245 years ago to this date, was founded by and for We the People. It is time for We the People to rise up and fight back. Not for any elitist party or global government -- but for your neighbor, your fellow man.


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