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Where Things Stand

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition has always served as a direct line to the core of conservatives throughout this state. We feel fortunate to not only be able to operate on this channel, yet also feel vindicated by two key parts: Our consistent manner by which we approach things and our calculations that have proven true spanning the last year. We’ve never had a problem or shied away from saying what everyone else is thinking; and, quite honestly, we feel a responsibility to do so. It’s who we are. It’s part of who we represent - the largest and most inclusive majority of conservatives in Nebraska.

An overarching focus for actually surfing the red wave this fall should be the emphasis on platform values. Conservative policies win. When we focus on the issues affecting everyday constituents, the message sells itself: Protecting and supporting families, safeguarding our education systems and eliminating agenda-based indoctrination, ensuring election integrity, opening the books and acting fiscally responsible, not selling our farmland to China and globalists, and upholding the constitution are how we protect our state. From Tegtmeier to Hodgen for State Board of Education, to Chris Bruns and Christy Armendariz for legislature, Kevin Stocker for Public Service Commission plus Pat Condon for County Attorney, we have amazing candidates across this state down the ballot to support those who will put Nebraska First and defend conservative values and principles. Our incumbent officials need to remember who they answer to and be held accountable. It is the constituents, not special interests or an oligarchy of elites, that they represent. This fall isn’t a time for pandering and empty promises. It is a time to listen to the constituency and address their concerns genuinely.

We are a transparent organization. We would be remiss if we didn’t address the current, ongoing investigation of a break-in at the NEGOP HQ on Saturday, July 9th. The crime is under investigation by the Lincoln Police Department. Nebraskans deserve answers. This is Nebraska and word travels fast. When you have campaign operatives of certain individuals openly exclaiming that, “It looked like a US Embassy evacuation down there” that night, those people and people with similar affiliations need to be questioned. We told you months ago that the party at that time was corrupt, especially with Taylor Gage (grandson of Kay Orr) at the helm. Now word is out, corroborated by a high-level established Republican within the state party, that a “burn” party took place the night of the convention as most of the now previous staff left early once Chairman Welch was removed and numerous resignations took place. Rumors came out early that they returned to Lincoln NEGOP HQ while the convention was still taking place. From missing files and hard drives to cameras and laptops, the theft and destruction was extensive. We look forward to the Lincoln Police Department’s findings and hope that a two tiered justice system isn’t being practiced simply because it involves individuals with the “right” connections.

Lastly, we couldn’t be more excited to stay connected with you, the populace. We are presented with this moment to build the Republican Party into something truly spectacular, and it is in thanks to those who showed up and have fought tirelessly to make that happen. We will remain engaged with you and continue to promote inclusivity. Our FreedomFest on Saturday, August 27th will serve as a wonderful opportunity to keep everyone engaged and fired up heading into the general election this fall. We have some amazing headliners such as Bryson Gray and Alex Stein as well as commitments from some very familiar faces who will be great to catch up with. Now is no time to go through the motions. Conservatives want warriors who go to bat for them. It is time to press on and move forward the same way we fought so hard to get to this point. The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is excited to have you join us during this transformational and historic time, and we know our work has only just begun.


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