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State Convention or Bust!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Tomorrow is the Nebraska Republican party's state convention. Over the last several months, more people who are new to this political process have become involved and aware than ever before. That is largely attributed to the hard work and vigilance of patriots all throughout our state.

Make no mistake about it - old guard republicans feel threatened by the "New Right". One would think conservatives collectively would embrace this energy from the constituency! Sadly, when the boat is rocked and the power structure is threatened, those within the establishment ranks will do whatever they can to retain their grip on the status quo.

We can see their disdain for the patriot conglomerate of the republican party. They have taken drastic measures to not even credential duly elected delegates - delegates who are conservative titans within our party. This is not the mentality of the big tent party, nor does it fall in line ideologically with a majority of republicans of this state who are fed up with the same old, same old coming from the good 'ol boys club.

Today at 5:30 in Kearney, we will be having a rally to voice the opinions of those who have felt marginalized by current nEGOp leadership for far too long. We are proud to extend a platform to patriots who want to fight for our conservative values and principles. Afterwards, we will be hosting a celebration for all patriots as an alternative to the snooze fest booster club gathering. Republicans are tired of giving their money to spineless, feckless politicians who do nothing to stand for freedom or stand against the erosion of the vision our founding fathers created for us.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is proud to continue the fight to keep putting Nebraska first, and unite with those who seek to further the mission of the Republican party in word, action, and ultimately policy. If you can't join us in Kearney tonight, we would gratefully appreciate your support in any other way you see fit. Thank you. God Bless America, God Bless Nebraska.


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