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Statistical Expert to Headline Election Integrity Town Halls Across Nebraska

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is proud to welcome internationally renowned physicist and statistician Dr. Douglas Frank, Ph.D. to join with Nebraskans in several stops across the state on July 29-31. The NFC, in a collective and collaborative effort along with several other grassroots organizations, will conduct a sum total of 7 speaking events where Dr. Frank will discuss the 2020 election and the integrity of our election infrastructure.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition commends the actions of a few state officials for their pursuit of voter ID legislation and citizen’s petition. Without question, this is a necessary step in returning faith to the electoral process, while removing future vulnerabilities. However, we do not believe such legislation goes far enough to expose all the potential attack vectors used by those who wish to corrupt the sanctity of our elections; we need more.

As a result, we urgently invite Nebraskans, especially all elected officials, to attend one of these upcoming events, where Dr. Frank will talk about his discovery of computer algorithms used during the 2020 elections. He will present statistical evidence, interpretation, and an understanding of how voter rolls were manipulated through the inclusion of phantom votes into final election totals.

Dr. Frank will be making 5 public stops over 3 days: one in Omaha on Thursday, July 29; one in Blair and one in Lincoln on Friday, July 30; and one in Grand Island and one in Kearney, on Saturday July 31. These events will be free and open to the public. For more information, including venues and times, please visit

About Dr. Douglas Frank, PhD:

Dr. Frank holds a PhD in Surface Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He is an internationally recognized scientist with over 60 scientific publications and he was once nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Following the controversial 2020 Presidential Election, Dr. Frank examined data from election returns nationwide. Dr. Frank asserts his statistical investigation has revealed deviations and mathematical impossibilities, of which represent cyber-voter fraud in the 2020 Election -- perpetrated by highly-sophisticated, pre-programmed artificial intelligence machines.


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