Special Session Must Be Called Immediately

September 20, 2021

NEB: The Nebraska Freedom Coalition (NFC) joins its affiliated grassroots organizations and the 1,500+ Nebraska Patriots who joined us this weekend, to demand a special state legislative session be called immediately: by Governor Ricketts, pursuant to Article IV, Section 8 of the Nebraska Constitution; or by two-thirds of the State Legislature, per procedure established by Section 50-125.

After joining its affiliate, Nebraskans Against Government Overreach (NAGO), on the steps of the state capitol yesterday in promoting medical freedom, the NFC, demands this special session be called for one-issue: offering protection to its citizens from any medical mandate or law that forces a shot, requires a mask, requires tracking, limits travel, or forces medical testing.

In a matter of months, we have seen this pandemic transform into a vile disgrace of government overreach and tyranny. With religious and medical exemptions already being denied, these protections are of critical and immediate need. The medical community, even the very economic fabric of this state, is at stake of being decimated. In shock, we watch as our students are being forced to gamble with their future health, for a largely adult virus that poses no substantial threat to them whatsoever. Moreover, Nebraska has an opportunity to show the nation, and the world, it chooses to be a champion of individual rights over the aggressive, global technocratic-tyranny. Finally, we predict this path will lead to medical apartheid; a bifurcation that should offend anyone who admires the Founding principles of this great Republic.

Upon exit after the rally at the Capitol yesterday, we were informed by his legislative aide that Senator Erdman has called for the special session. We want to thank Senator Erdman for his leadership and courage in championing this cause, and we urgently call on all other Nebraska Legislators to support the call for special session immediately following the redistricting special session and pass legislation pursuant to this issue.

As of September 1, 2021, at least 15 states have each already passed legislation offering protection to its citizens from one, or more, of these tyrannical behaviors.