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Similar Anomalies in Maricopa County and the State of Nebraska - What will Nebraska Do?

Nebraska Freedom Coalition Statement on Arizona audit report and implications for Nebraska

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Freedom Coalition issued the following statement after reviewing Arizona’s official audit report:

“The historic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona has been completed and significant findings have been uncovered. The legality of over 50,000 ballots in question, is five times the margin of victory in the Presidential race. This requires further investigation and prosecution by the Attorney General of Arizona. Most media outlets are re-running headlines from November instead of reporting on the critical flaws in Arizona’s 2020 election. Issues with the ballots include:

  • 200,000 ballots (11%) were sent to adjudication

  • 23,344 mail-in ballots cast from individuals who no longer lived at the address at which the mail-in ballot was sent

  • 17, 322 duplicates of early voting ballot return envelopes

  • 10,342 potential voters that voted in multiple counties

  • 9,041 mail-in ballots cast by voters who were mailed one ballot but somehow two ballots were received by the county

  • 3,432 ballots in which the official county results do not match who voted

  • 2,592 more duplicate ballots received than originals

  • 2,382 ballots cast by voters who had moved out of Maricopa County

  • 2,081 ballots cast by individuals who moved out of state during a 29-day period preceding the election.

If these types of issues were uncovered in Maricopa County without the Kinematic Artifact Detection analysis having been released yet, court-ordered violations for not delivering subpoenaed servers, and the entire EMS database being purged the night before Maricopa County auditors began their audit, imagine what could be brought to light from a full forensic audit in other counties around the U.S. who processed mass amounts of mail-in ballots. The post-election “audits” conducted by the Nebraska Secretary of State following the 2020 election were partial recounts of a small sampling of ballots. Those “audits” did not examine the legality of ballots cast.

Prior to the Arizona audit, national election statisticians identified, conservatively, over 220,000 votes out of 2.3 million - 9.5% of the total vote, which exceeded statistical probabilities for the Arizona Election. This was validated by the Audit. In Nebraska, these same statisticians identified, conservatively, 33,000 votes out of 931,000 - 3.5% of the vote, which exceeded statistical probabilities for the Nebraska Election.

Instead of embracing an open and transparent forensic investigation of a handful of counties or even one like in Texas and Oklahoma, the Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen continues to support the notion that Nebraska ran a clean election while expressing concern in a recent mass email response to concerned citizens, “we must look carefully at security issues that arise from early voting to make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat.”

While the Nebraska Secretary of State has expressed budgetary concerns as a hurdle to a “full forensic audit,” citizen leaders from the Nebraska First Audit and Nebraska Guardians organizations, representing an array of political ideologies, continue their self-funded independent canvass efforts across the State in counties where unexplainable patterns and statistical anomalies in the voting data have been identified – including those where voter registration is greater than the population.

Ultimately, the people of Nebraska deserve to have confidence that their vote counts. If there is nothing to hide, then open up the books and provide the transparency that We the People of the State of Nebraska deserve to restore election integrity and voter trust.”

Note: Excess Votes statistics from Seth Keshel:


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