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Sarpy County Corruption

Attached are photos that preview the comprehensive 27-page document that presents a compelling case for a change in Sarpy County GOP leadership. It's time for new beginnings!

The totality of these pages showcases the dire need to bid farewell to the current leadership, plagued by ineffective decision-making and incompetence.

Take a look at the numerous instances outlined within the document. From obstructing the creation of a credentialing committee to adjourning meetings without proper procedures, the evidence speaks volumes.

Robbie Adams, Margie Mosier, and Michael Elkins, among others, experienced unacceptable delays and disrespect in their pursuit of membership.

District 107 suffered from poor communication and lack of representation, with Kenny Pancake's absence ignored and unaddressed.

Even attempts by a member to propose constitutional amendments were met with unnecessary hurdles and complete disregard.

The time has come for Sarpy GOP to bid farewell to its current leadership and usher in a new era of effectiveness and accountability.

We must unite to rebuild our party, ensuring it operates with integrity and efficiency.

Review the attached document to understand the urgency of this situation and join the movement for a revitalized Sarpy GOP. Together, we can make a difference!


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