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NFC Will Not Endorse Primary Candidates for 2022 Nebraska Gubernatorial Election

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition (NFC) is not endorsing any primary candidate in the upcoming 2022 Gubernatorial Election.

Instead, the Nebraska Freedom Coalition will be focused and committed on supporting down ballot candidates; races in which we can effectuate the most change and influence at the most local level.

The Board of Directors is currently compiling a candidate pledge; any candidate seeking the endorsement of the Nebraska Freedom Coalition will be required to sign this pledge. If a candidate signs the pledge, yet breaks their campaign promises, it is not only the right, but also the responsibility of the NFC to publicly hold these elected officials accountable.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition serves to represent We the People, without being beholden to any party, donor, special interest group, or elected official. The NFC was created as a response to the petty party politics that has plagued Nebraska for far too long. Some might refer to DC as “The Swamp” but fail to recognize the very swamp that exists in our own backyard.

Nebraskans like to claim that we are “Nebraska Nice”, however, if you play any role in the political arena and dare challenge the status quo, it becomes abundantly clear the “nice” principle does not apply to all facets of Nebraska life. There exists a very real and very corrupt establishment within our state. In fact, our struggle is not Republicans vs. Democrats, but rather Establishment Elitists vs. We the People.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition has already fallen victim to the incessant attacks perpetrated by the “Old Guard”; the “Good ol’ Boys Club” knows exactly who and how to control what they must to maintain their grip on power -- even at the expense of Nebraska citizens. They will wage war on anyone who dares to threaten their structure; If you are not in lock step with them, they will do their best to extinguish your momentum through toxic, disingenuous intimidation and pressure tactics.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition will not be derailed in its course to champion the cause of Liberty. We do not answer to the party, donors, special interest groups, or any elected official. We are beholden to the ideals of liberty and freedom alone, and we will fight for We the People. We will harbor the character attacks; exclusion from party events; and the overall, top-down, coordinated opposition in pursuit of Liberty and Truth, while these corrupt political players continue to exercise as much control as they can over their self avowed fiefdoms.

We are fighting for you.

We humbly ask you to fight alongside us.

Join the movement at


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