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NFC Statement Regarding Critical Race Theory

OMAHA, NE 𑁋 The Nebraska Freedom Coalition (NFC) stands firmly against the attempted indoctrination of our children with “anti-racist” Critical (Marxist) Theory. We believe Critical Race Theory to be not only divisive and degenerative to a healthy society, but it is flawed in its very premise. It attempts to destroy one collective racist ideology by supplementing a different collective racist ideology.

The Learning Community is hosting a meeting this afternoon to vote on the implementation of anti-racist theories and practices into Omaha-area classrooms, in coordination with the University of Nebraska’s Buffett Early Childhood Institute.

We support the efforts of NFC affiliated groups combating this push. Nebraskans Against Government Overreach have organized concerned parents and community members to give remarks at the meeting. Freedom Rally USA plans to rally outside of the Learning Community before the meeting to educate and raise awareness on these issues.

Anti-racist theories diminish the human individual to nothing more than the color of our skin. We need to fervently reject this line of collectivist thinking, and we should not allow these ideas to poison the minds of our children. Children should be taught that they are capable of success with hardwork and dedication. They should be taught to love and care for their neighbors, and to judge their neighbor based upon the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin. The Nebraska Freedom Coalition believes each individual to be a rational being, gifted with inalienable rights and free will; therefore, our lives are defined by the sum of our choices, not by the pigmentation of our skin.

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