NFC Calls For Special Legislative Session


We just want to say the biggest of THANK YOU’S to every single Patriot - all 1,500+ of you - who joined us at any point during our Freedom Celebration this weekend. Beginning with Freedom Festival Friday Night, even in the face of adversity (last-minute venue cancellations, de-platforming by Eventbrite, Seeing Red NE targeting our event sponsors - the usual), 600+ of you still came out. You partied at Round the Bend with us, Dr. Ben Tapper, Corey DeAngelis, Ian Smith, and Bryson Gray!

On Saturday, nearly 1,000 of you showed up on the steps of the Capitol in Lincoln to demand our elected representatives call a special session regarding the unconstitutional mandates in place related to COVID-19. We had over two dozen organizations come together, along with everyday citizens, who refuse to be subjugated by an oppressive and tyrannical government any longer and are willing to fight for their freedom.

Please continue to support us. Please continue to fight with us. We cannot do this without YOU, and check out our Press Release following up Saturday's Rally. Thank you to Senator Erdman for leading the fight in the Legislature to call a special session immediately following redistricting.

If this weekend was any indication of what we’re capable of doing when we all show up and work together - “The best is yet to come”.

In Liberty,

Your NFC Board of Directors

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