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Nebraska Election 2020 Shaky at Best

Voter Accuracy Project Reveals Lancaster County FACTS that are Hard to Explain

LINCOLN, NE – In the spirit of watchdogs and investigative journalists, the Nebraska Freedom Coalition is proud to share the work of our friends from the Voter Accuracy Project. We've been told for a while now, "If you see something, say something!" Well, the proof is in the pudding. These aren't some intricate statistical anomalies that are rocket science, rather a common sense breakdown of the margins. We commend the diligence of these Nebraska patriots for being willing to look further and bring this issue that is affecting us all to light. It's one that is taking away your voice as a voter. You don't have to go ask 'Alice', see below for yourself:

The Voter Accuracy Project is a group of 2,000+ Nebraska patriots that have been working to understand issues in the Nebraska 2020 election. They have recently reported on their latest findings, discoveries, and stories from Lancaster County. Our Lancaster County votes are stored by our voting technology company ES&S using software from a company called Crowdstrike. Crowdstrike is owned and operated by a Russian national. This is the same company, hired by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to investigate Russian hacking of DNC servers. At the time, Hillary and the DNC accused President Trump’s campaign of working with the Russians to stop Hillary from being elected as President. This evolved into the Trump/Russia collusion affair. Many newspapers reported on this with secret sources, stating that this collusion had definitively occurred. They then received Pulitzer Prizes for their investigative journalism.

In addition, John Brennan and General James Clapper, with previous positions as CIA and NSA Directors, were also alluding that Trump was colluding with the Russians. Their previous positions reassured the media that they had inside information that others would not have access to. Under oath, behind closed doors, in sworn Congressional testimony, both of these senior leaders stated they had no information on Trump Russia collusion.

These events, people, and the media were all thoroughly investigated by the FBI and the entire fable was proven to be a complete lie by all parties involved. At the core, Crowdstrike lied to the DNC as they knew there was no Russian infiltration of the DNC computers and Trump had not colluded with the Russians. Crowdstrike is who is carefully caring for our voting data on election night.

In addition, Lancaster County accepted over $400,000 from Mark Zuckerberg’s not for profit organization (CTCL) formed to support the election of Democrat candidates across the USA and deny Trump the Presidency. Lancaster County spent $13,000+ of Zuckerbucks on voter Education, $266,000+ on mail-in voter supplies and $10,000+ for vote drop boxes. It was never defined what voter education was like. It was never described where the mail-in voter supplies were used. Nor was it described where they placed the Drop Boxes. The locations for the Drop Boxes needed to have camera support to identify any suspicious vote drop offs. They also needed to be placed in locations to provide equal ease of voting for both Democrats and Republicans in Lancaster County. This was never explained by Lancaster County Election Officials. All of these questions are still open and require answers.

If you’d like to better understand what you can do to uncover fraud in the Nebraska 2020 Election you can contact Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project on ‘Nebraska First Chat’ channel of Telegram and volunteer.


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