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Midweek Memo: Victory for Constitution, LB626 Debate, Hunt v Ethics, and KFAB

1LT Daniel Bosby, MSC, USN, RET

Dear Patriots,

We've got some fantastic news and updates for you in this week's Freedom Midweek Memo!

Victory for Constitutional Carry: Governor Pillen signed LB 77 into law, a tremendous victory for Nebraskans' right to bear arms. We want to thank Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), Sen. Brewer, and all the patriots who fought tirelessly for Constitutional Carry. Let's keep this momentum going!

Heart Bill (LB 626): Tomorrow, the Unicameral will discuss LB 626 for its second round of voting. This crucial pro-life legislation is essential in protecting the unborn, and we encourage you to voice your support and keep an eye on its progress. Contact your senators urging them to vote YES.

Senator Megan Hunt's NADC Case: It seems that Sen. Hunt has found herself in hot water with campaign complaints and a conflict of interest case filed against her. We'll keep you updated on this developing story as it unfolds.

KFAB1110 Talk: Two of our founding directors had a great discussion on KFAB1110 with Matt Innis. They talked about politics in our state, focusing on the ongoing Sarpy County Republican Party issues, and the importance of addressing these problems for a stronger conservative presence in the state.

We're making strides, folks! Your continued support and involvement are vital to our mission. Let's keep pushing for a brighter future for Nebraska.

Stay strong and God bless,



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