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Midweek Memo - May 18, 2023

Subject: NFC Midweek Update: Key Developments in Nebraska Legislature & NFC Legal Matters

Dear NFC Supporters,

I hope this week finds you well. We have several critical updates on the activities taking place in Nebraska's Unicameral, and important legal matters involving NFC.

First, an update on Legislative Bill 574 (LB 574). This critical legislation, also known as the "Let Them Grow Act," successfully passed through Select File, along with Senator Hansen's amendment. Protests have continued to erupt against LB 574 at the Capitol Rotunda, a testament to the contentious nature of this legislation. We remain undeterred and resolute in our belief that LB 574 serves the best interests of Nebraska's children, both born and unborn.

Despite these ongoing protests, we have been buoyed by the courageous actions of the Senators standing up for children. Final Reading and votes are scheduled for tomorrow. This is a crucial juncture, and we urge all our supporters to stay informed and voice their support.

On another front, we continue to face challenges from the Nebraska Legal Action Fund (NLAF). The organization persists in its attempts to malign us through false charges of defamation. We are committed to defending our organization's integrity and fighting these baseless allegations. Your continued financial support in this regard is invaluable. (Link)

Now, turning our attention to Sarpy County, the Nebraska Republican Party has called for an executive meeting to address ongoing issues with the Sarpy County GOP. Our Executive Director, Robert Anthony, appeared on KFAB with Matt Innis this week to discuss the deep-seated issues plaguing Sarpy County. For a comprehensive view of these problems, we urge you to visit our website: Sarpy County Corruption:

The information therein further underscores the need for comprehensive reform in Sarpy County's GOP.

As always, we remain deeply grateful for your unwavering support and commitment to our shared values. It's only through our collective efforts that we can overcome these challenges and continue to work towards a freer and more prosperous Nebraska.

Stay strong, stay safe, and keep fighting for freedom.


Nebraska Freedom Coalition


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