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Lincoln's Mayoral Race

Sources close to the Nebraska Freedom Coalition have revealed State Senator Suzanne Geist is expected to make an announcement tomorrow for her Lincoln Mayoral Run.

After much speculation and discussion with several people with close party ties, we felt it necessary to exercise some serious caution towards support for Geist’s candidacy.

Surely, most anyone would be better than the ‘California Commie’. Yet, does Geist even have the fortitude to pull off this kind of upset? Let’s take a look.

We’ll start with Nebraska Sunrise News. What once seemed like a promising outlet as an alternative local news source quickly diminished into - nothing. How involved was Geist? We know she was one of the main financial investors in the endeavor. Questions were raised as to who she was partnering with, and eventually, the entire organization folded faster than a scared poker player. We can’t comment any further than this on her involvement because, well, nobody has any idea what happened. All we know is that it didn’t end well and employees and subscribers alike were left scratching their heads.

Next, there was her complete and utter disgraceful lack of support for Senator Tom Brewer’s Constitutional Carry Bill during the last legislative session. There are a lot of takeaways from this, but none are short of what an absolute slap in the face it was to essentially every true conservative in the state of Nebraska. How does one call themself a Republican and not vote to support constitutional carry? The answer is simple - she faced enormous pressure not to. This type of behavior is exactly what’s wrong with politicians nowadays - placating every group or person they need support from instead of simply doing the right thing! We know many people who personally worked for months on this bill to get it over the finish line, yet Geist refused to do her job. This type of behavior is antithetical to all that is needed in today’s climate and conservative politics.

Lastly, let us not forget the “Herbster Victims’ Fund”. Geist showed her true colors in what came to be realized as nothing more than a political stunt. Where did the money go? Who specifically was helped as a result of this theater? Guilty before proven innocent has become standard in today’s culture; we do not condone her actions supporting this political hit job in attempts to further push a narrative by an opposing candidate. Is she still on the “Board of Directors” helping ‘survivors’ as is currently stated on the website? What does this even mean? We are disappointed in this type of political opportunism displayed by Geist.

At the end of the day we need to be supporting leaders in our party who are up to task. Just look around this country and see who's truly making a difference! It isn’t your run of the mill, milquetoast republicans who are getting things done. Geist shouldn’t get to just assume this candidacy because she has an “R” behind her name. If she can display a genuine change of character and undergo a ‘candidate makeover’ of sorts, we may be keen on supporting her.

Sadly, with the likes of long-time establishment buddy, Bud Synhorst advising her (the guy who has run LIBA into financial insolvency since Colby Machs untimely passing, all while taking a fat paycheck), we don’t see this happening.

There’s no such thing as a low-energy Patriot. We appreciate some of Geist’s public service, but for the most part we do not see a viable path forward where she can beat the California Commie. We need courageous leadership now, and it’s going to take a lot more than getting together with your friends at the country club to garner the support necessary to oust Baird. We’re hoping someone with true conviction is willing to step forward in the run for Lincoln’s Mayor to change the city’s current trajectory; without a person equipped to do so, it won’t be long before Lincoln joins the ranks of Chicago, New York City, & San Francisco.


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