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How To Vote In Nebraska

  1. Vote in person on election day! Do NOT absentee vote, and if you are required to do so, drop off your ballot in person at your county courthouse or election office on election day (as late in the day as possible!) DO NOT USE DROP BOXES OR THE POST OFFICE.

  2. If you already requested a mail-in ballot, call your county clerk or county commissioner, and let them know you want to vote in person on election day. If you have your ballot already, hold onto it and drop it off ON ELECTION DAY.

  3. If you receive an unrequested ballot (or ballots) in the mail, do not open it/them. Call the election office immediately and report the problem. Otherwise, you may not get to vote on election day. After calling, send a follow-up email to have a proven date and time of your conversation. If they want the ballots, take photos of the envelopes before handing them over.

  4. If you arrive to vote and are told you have already voted - let the election workers know that this is an error. Also, call your sheriff, report that a crime has been committed (namely identity theft), tell him/her you want to make a statement, and will wait for them to arrive. If you received an unsolicited ballot, make them aware of your unsolicited mail-in ballot when making your statement. Request and complete a provisional ballot.

  5. If you don't receive the mail-in ballot that you requested, call your county clerk or election commissioner, and report that you have not received a ballot.

  6. If you receive someone else's and/or extra ballots, DO NOT DISPOSE of them! Keep them and report it to law enforcement and your county clerk. If they want them, take pictures of them before turning them over.

  7. After the election, verify your method of voting at your county clerk's office (call and ask them to verify that you did in fact vote and by what method they recorded you to have voted).

  8. If you have ANY issues, like those mentioned above or otherwise, please write out in detail what occurred and email to

  • Put county name and election issue as the subject heading for email (ex. Lancaster, unsolicited ballots)

  • Examples of issues: stolen votes, multiple ballots, unsolicited ballots


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