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Happy New Year, NFC Family!

We want to take this time to wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed New Year!

We also want to take a moment to reflect on these last few years & what they’ve meant for our Republic.

As we often say “The fight is here. The time is now.” We can no longer afford to sit idly by on the sidelines. We need Patriots acroshappy-new-year-nfc-familys the state, in all walks of life, to get involved. Volunteer for an NFC endorsed candidate, make a monetary or timely donation, and use your talents to keep our state great & make us even freer and more prosperous in 2022! In light of Joe Biden actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibodies, we release this letter to implore Governor Ricketts, Attorney General Doug Peterson, and our Federal Delegation of Senators and Congressman to take action and FIGHT. We are far past the time of politicians simply being pawns to push policy in Congress. Policy politics is dead. We need PATRIOTS — NOT Politicians.

"To Governor Ricketts, Attorney General Doug Peterson, and Nebraska's Federal Delegation of Senators and Congressmen:

Our Republic is on life support; we are now, and have been for some time, in a crisis that threatens the very essence of our Federalist structure. Our Federal government and our institutions have long been usurped by an ideology that rejects both the sovereignty of the individual as well as the State. Moreover, many of you have been complicit in this degenerative decline, by both your legislative decisions as well as your silence. As students of History, I assume you are aware of the perpetual and gradual encroachment of Federal power over the individual States it was formed to protect. In fact, we were all warned by the Anti-Federalists - without whom we wouldn’t have our beloved Bill of Rights - of a culture of political corruption that would take root if we ratified the Constitution to become a large republic:

'In so extensive a republic, the great officers of government would soon become above the controul of the people, and abuse their power to the purpose of aggrandizing themselves, and oppressing them …They will use the power, when they have acquired it, to the purposes of gratifying their own interest and ambition, and it is scarcely possible, in a very large republic, to call them to account for their misconduct, or to prevent their abuse of power.' (Brutus 1)

This Federal government - led by this feckless administration, supported by globalist tyrants - under the guise of a national health emergency - has executed, since taking office, a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [us] under absolute Despotism. This Federal government is no doubt despotic. Worse yet, it is aided by the corporate-funded, Fourth Estate of media propagandists. Instead of acting as our watchers, the corporate media has transformed into the Praetorian Guard - framing “news” to nudge people into their consent of this tyranny. Their endgame has begun.

Just last week we learned about the newest abuse and usurpation of this government: according to Florida Attorney General Joseph Ladopo, President Biden is 'actively preventing the effective distribution of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments.'

For many in positions of power this has never been about a virus that escaped a gain-of-function laboratory; it is about power. The evidence is clear by their messaging and their lack of regard for general health, natural immunity, treatments, or antibody testing. Their actions have wreaked havoc on the economy, our families, our small-businesses, and the mental health of adults and children alike. The final variant which we now face is authoritarianism.

Governor Ricketts, while it is true you have been better than most governors in your response to the 'pandemic,' you could be much better. It’s been fascinating watching you take multiple victory laps on Fox Business; touting your leadership - never enacting mandates at the state level or locking down Nebraska. But quite frankly, you did what you were supposed to, per the Constitution and the sovereignty of the individual. In each appearance you touted your leadership, but never once attempted to expose the Big Pharmaceutical machine - which is reaping billions of profits on these mandated gene therapies posing as vaccines. I can’t help but wonder if the contributions you receive from Pfizer have anything to do with your lack of strength? Or perhaps you’ve been distracted by your relentless attack on your invisible boogeyman of 'big marijuana,' coincidentally another enemy of Big Pharmaceutical companies.

Attorney General Peterson, I implore you now to investigate and take action immediately against President Biden’s administration to ensure our access to these life-saving treatments. You have been a champion for individuals; joining other states with judicial action against these unconstitutional mandates. But the fight for the lives of Nebraskans has only begun. As a cancer survivor, I have consulted my oncologist. He has recommended that I not take the 'vaccine' [gene therapy], due to his experience of its negative, even deadly side effects. This monoclonal antibody treatment is what we have planned in case it is needed. However, I’ve already beaten Covid twice, therefore, I doubt I will ever need it. But many of my at-risk, fellow Nebraskans may.

Senators and Congressmen, I ask that you start fighting. Fortune favors the brave. We need your courage now. The Patriots of Nebraska need you to take a stand, vocally. Senator Sasse, for someone who was so vocal during the Trump administration, you have been oddly silent since he left. Strange. As such an authority on the Constitution that you claim to be, your silence has become violence against the Patriots of this state. Where are you hiding? Biden’s basement maybe? It sure would be nice to have someone as passionate at hating Trump as you were, to focus that ire on this actual despotic administration; and stop it in its path of taking all administrative power in this Republic. We know of yours and Governor Ricketts presidential aspirations, but I can promise you this - while Governor DeSantis is alive, neither of you will ever be a viable option.

Congressman Fortenberry, what exactly do you do? Which side are you on? I can’t help but wonder if you’ve been corrupted by the same globalists warring against our state - judging by the bag you carry with 'World Economic Forum' emblazoned on the side.

Does Florida have to fight this battle alone? Why is Ron DeSantis the only Governor willing to do everything in his power, and everything it takes, to fight the overreach of the Federal government?

The time to fight is now. If you choose not to, you will bear witness to the rights of states further diminished until we are eclipsed and ultimately swallowed up by a New American Empire. When the rights of states are retired, even the highest state officers will be relegated to rubber stampers of the Federal bureaucracy.

- Brutus

We humbly ask you all to fight alongside us as we enter this New Year. Get involved. Be engaged. Let’s save our country, and our state, together.


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