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Freedom Friday (Week 34)

This week's #FreedomFriday feature epitomizes why we enjoy the freedoms that we do.

We went eighteen months without an American service member casualty in Afghanistan, then we have 12 yesterday. Regardless of your beliefs, regardless of your politics, there are 12 families who must now put to rest a treasured son who gave his life trying to save those of others. These men died honorably, in pursuit of the safety and liberty of others.

We've lost our focus. The trivial pursuits have overshadowed the heroic ones. Marines died yesterday. They died staying faithful to an America that has taken up the political cross and burned the cross of freedom. They died defending our rights to banter back and forth and on and on about masks and vaccines. And for what? For safety. For that security. For every breath we take stateside that isn't breathed in the same ruin that Kabul is in right now. That's why they died. Lest we forget, our focus has centered on conformity and wokeness and feelings in our current military industrial complex to effectively handle a withdrawal of forces. Don’t misread this: you can support overarching troop withdrawal yet do it effectively at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive.

While we have freedoms being eroded at every turn here in America, we have service members dying at the hands of incompetent leadership. As commander-in-chief, all trust has been lost in this administration's abilities. Our allies can no longer trust us. While we support troop withdrawal as a whole, no American had to die. It didn't have to be this way. This didn't have to happen. We'll never forget the marines that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. May God guide us as we navigate these turbulent times as a nation.

We honor the lives lost yesterday.

Semper Fi. God Bless our Marines.

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