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Call To Action: Become a County Delegate

Our sincerest apologies.

It seems as if our county delegate form that was supposed to be attached to our newsletter earlier today was not sent along with the email! It has been attached to this email for your convenience. Just click here to download.

Don't forget to print, fill, notarize, and return the attached form to your county clerk's office by or before March 1, 2022!

Additionally, we would also like to include a call to action on behalf of Tyler Cappel and the Arapahoe Community. Sanford Health is closing their local Good Samaritan Nursing home in Arapahoe, NE. It is going to displace 30 residents and quite a few workers. He is asking for help pressuring Sanford Health to drop their non-compete clause from the contract of the sale of the facility in Arapahoe.

Sanford Health received $200 million during the COVID-19 pandemic and their CEO got a $49 million retirement bonus last November (click here for more info). From what we are able to tell, there was no reinvestment into their facilities with that money, no raises for workers, nothing to attract new workers... very akin to the bank bailouts of 2008. Big corporations continue to be bailed out while the "little people get screwed". If you're interested in hearing more directly from residents, workers, etc., check out these local interviews - NTV News 1, NTV News 2, NTV News 3. This issue is also not unique to the Arapahoe community. The Good Samaritan Society Nursing homes in Valentine and Ravenna are closing as well and are experiencing the same issues with the non-compete clause (click here for more info).

This is not free market capitalism. This is crony capitalism and big government and big business working together against the best interest of We the People. We are asking you to contact Sanford Health and ask them to remove their non-compete clause on the sale of the facility. If the facility closes, it will be very difficult to reopen as it would need costly renovations to update everything to code. The non-compete clause is the primary hurdle members of the Arapahoe community are facing right now.

Find more information from Tyler Cappel and ways you can help below!

Thank you for your time and engagement in fighting for the well-being of all Nebraskans! Have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you all in the New Year!

In Liberty,

Your NFC Board of Directors


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