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A New Nebraska Renaissance

This week marks a transformational new beginning of conservative politics in Nebraska. Over the course of the last year, the Nebraska Freedom Coalition has worked tirelessly towards the goal of truth, transparency, and accountability. Oftentimes the stakes ran high given the direct manner in which we’ve pursued these principles, especially as it pertained to our pressure of state party leadership. Yet it can be said, “If not me, then Who?” The time was upon us to push back. We never wavered in our pursuit, and that is why we’ve been successful with the change that’s taking place.

Make no mistake about it: this historic change could not have been possible without the incredible work of dozens of God fearing Nebraskans and delegates all throughout this state who stood up, got involved, and worked diligently for a better and more inclusive party representative of the base. Our organization sensed the dissatisfaction as we cultivated relationships with grassroots individuals throughout this state. We brought this to light on many occasions. The status quo was not good enough. One man or agenda with power and money isn’t good enough.

We call upon Governor Ricketts to take one step towards healing: give blunt and clear direction to Dan Welch and Taylor Gage to offer full cooperation with Chairman Eric Underwood in transition. This is a true call for unity. We hope the Governor is cooperative. In the words of Chairman Underwood, this is a new path forward for Nebraska, one where counties, chairs, and delegates thrive in their roles. We are fostering a culture of inclusion, not exclusion.

The Nebraska Freedom Coalition is committed to continuing our efforts to promote bold action to protect life, strengthen families, defend our constitutional rights, limit government, and revitalize personal and economic freedoms in the great state of Nebraska. We are here to coordinate with and champion Nebraska's Liberty-grassroots organizations; to elect strong, liberty-minded conservative candidates; and to support initiatives which hold those in power accountable to WE THE PEOPLE of Nebraska.

Today it is clear: a new Nebraska Renaissance is taking place. The NEGOP is finally the will of the many, the will of the people - not the will of one.


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