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Although we reserve limited, exclusionary endorsements for select candidates that especially align with the attitude and mission of the Nebraska Freedom Coalition, we also want to provide voters with who we believe to be the best candidate in a number of races across the state; our General Election Slate Card does just that!

State Office

Mike Hilgers, State Attorney General

John Murante, State Treasurer

Mike Flood, Congressional District 1

Don Bacon, Congressional District 2

Adrian Smith, Congressional District 3

Eric Kamler, Public Service Commission District 4



Brad von Gillern, District 4

Christian Mirch, District 6

Marilyn Asher, District 8

Lou Ann Goding, District 10

Merv Riepe, District 12

John Arch, District 14

Stu Dornan, District 20

Mike Moser, District 22

Jana Hughes, District 24

Roy Christensen, District 28

Kathleen Kauth, District 31

Loren Lippincott, District 34

Rick Holdcroft, District 36

Keith Kube, District 40

Brian Hardin, District 48



Steve Sundae, Papillion City Council Ward 3

Loreen Reynante, Papillion City Council Ward 2

Patrick Birkey, Grand Island City Council

Dana Nottingham, Seward City Council

Ann Underwood, Seward City Council

Kristi Ideus, Seward City Council

Jeremy Westengard, Gretna City Council

Emily Sutej, Fremont City Council

Zach Steiner, Norfolk City Council




John Rust, Adams County Sheriff

Robert Sorenson, Cass County Sheriff

Aaron Hansen, Douglas County Sheriff

Conan Thomas, Lancaster County Sheriff

Jaeden Carter, Red Willow County Sheriff

Matt Schulte, Lancaster County Commissioner


School Board

Patricia Conway-Boyd, Papillion LaVista School Board

John McCarthy, Metropolitan Community College Board

Brittany Cameron, Bennington Public School Board

Sean Swanson, Millard Public School Board

Derek Meyer, Kearney Public School Board

Jessica Bremer, Seward Public School Board

Jake Bierbaum, Seward Public School Board

Courtney Tabor, Blair Public School Board

Nate Larsen, Blair Public School Board

Stacie Widelm, Hastings Public School Board

Mark Montague, Hastings Public School Board

David Hughes, Hastings Public School Board

Aaron Wubbels, Norris Public School Board

Terri Swanson, Norris Public School Board

Seth Tausan, Gordon Public School Board

Dawn Urman, Gothenburg Public School Board

Zack Ringer, Chappell City Council

Thomas Hagert, North Platte Public School Board

Emily Garrick, North Platte Public School Board

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